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Welcome to OMByron, a guide to the burgeoning wellness culture and community in and around Byron Bay.

Get in touch
If you are in the wellness space, own a spa, retreat, fitness, massage or holistic therapy clinic, please get in touch as we’d love to hear from you.  Same goes for PR folk and media agencies. We’re basically going to do our best to include all quality brands and businesses in the OMByron guide.

Need to let everyone know about your new product, yoga studio, fitness center or wellness retreat?  We have a number of well-priced packages available to help you broaden your reach to both our community and visitors to the region.

What’s On
Launching a yoga festival or weekend meditation workshop?  Our What’s On section is tailored to events and workshops with a wellness and healing theme. If you would like to list your event, please send us the following information:
Name, date and link to your event, a maximum of 25 words description plus a high quality photo? – EMAIL HERE

Write/ Photograph for us
We’re always on the lookout for writers and photographers/videographers who are as passionate as we are about wellness, healthy food, spas and retreats. OMByron could be a great platform to showcase your talents. Get in touch here…

Listings (Partner) Enquiries
Do you have a wellness space, fitness studio, restaurant, spa or retreat you would love to list in OMByron.com? Our listings are curated and written at the discretion of our team. However, we do have exclusive independent advertising opportunities available that will expand your reach in the community. Connect with us at OMByron here contact us  

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