A Must-Visit: Cloud Hidden Tea

Surrender into serenity when you experience tea and meditation in shared silence at Cloud Hidden Tea in Byron Bay.

Step inside an old-world space featuring dark timbers, rustic interiors with traditional fabrics and serene ambience.  Tea ceremonies here are held from dawn to dusk seven days a week.

Tea ceremonies are one of the world’s oldest and timeless rituals and can be a profoundly sacred experience – easing one into a deep and mediative place. Be guided through these 60 and 90-minute sensory expeirences facilitated by zen-minded embodied beings.

At Cloud Hidden Tea Byron Bay, the ceremonies begin at $35 for a 60-minute tea ceremony or $45 for 90-minuets. Locals discounts and memberships are available. Capacity at Cloud Hidden Tea is at around 8 pax so it feels very special and meaningful. Cloud Hidden Tea also host year-round classes, workshops, talks and meditations led by visiting masters.

Cloud Hidden Tea also sell a collection of beautiful teas as well as tea wares including tea pots, tea sets, tea bowls, kettles and more.

What a stunning addition to our burgeoning artistic and unique community. This place is a must-experience!


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