Soak this Up – plunge, rejuvenate and regenerate

Our region is bountiful with the most pristine rainforest waterholes, rivers, tea tree lakes, vast oceans and waterfalls.

But we can also gather in water and and soak away at bathhouses including Kiva Spa and The Banya in Mullumbimby. Both of these wellness destinations offer water-themed experiences that are social, uplifting and affordable.

Infrared Saunas and Ice Baths are another rejuvenating way to experience wellbeing. For infrared sauna and ice bath therapy offered in sublime surrounds, we recommend Nimbusco in the Byron Bay Industrial Estate as well as  Body Mind Life yoga and pilates studio –  they house an ice bath, a magnesium plunge pool and Infrared Sauna with a Himalayan rock salt wall.

Eleme Spa at Crystalbrook resort Byron Bay is a luxury day spa with infrared sauna, herbal steam and a heated tropical pool –

Gaia Retreat in the Byron Bay hinterland houses a day spa with infrared sauna, salt water pool and steam.

Visit Byron’s best biohacking wellness clinic, Quantum Uplift  for Red Light Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage Compression and Oxygen Therapy.

What’s next? Comma Spaces is fabulous Byron Bay massage studio opening a bathhouse in May, 2024 while this new ‘medicine water therapy’ bathhouse is slated to open this year

Infrared saunas, hot and cold contrast therapy and ice baths have long been used by athletes for recovery and repair. Infrared Saunas provide an effective way to gently cleanse toxins and heavy metals from the body through the skin while contrast therapy (alternating ice bath and sauna immersions) are beneficial for reducing inflammation and boosting mood and energy. Just the simple act of soaking your body in warm bubbling magnesium-rich waters is so replenishing. Whatever your choice, expect to emerge feeling rejuvenated and recharged.

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