Where to Donate Northern Rivers Floods 2022

So many communities and individuals need support as we slowly move from rescue to recovery mode. If you are in a position to help donate financially, here’s a list of local places that you can provide immediate support to help rebuild and restore the people, community and landscape of the Northern Rivers. P.S. There’s also dozens of private Go Fund me campaigns to help families rebuild their house plus animal rescues as well.

Echo Publications Go Fund Appeal  – 100% donated directly to the community and people in need!

SOMA Byron Food Relief Fund Raiser – are on the ground to directly help in real-time 

Resilient Byron – a registered local charity! 

Mud Army 2.0 Helicopter Support – you’ll def want these guys on your side when you need urgent medical and food supplies or are stuck on a roof surrounded by rising water! 

Recovery Project 2022 – connecting people who need help with those who can offer it.

Food Relief Cook Up – Pip Sumbak, chefs and teams cooking and delivering thousands of meals daily to the victims and volunteers of the Northern Rivers! 

Koori Mail Fund Relief – supporting rural and isolated communities

Byron Rangers Flood Appeal  – the Byron Rangers do epic work to preserving the Shire all year round! 

NSW SES (State of Emergency Services) – need these trained volunteers to help us out of tricky situations!  

Helicopter Support for Northern Rivers  – we need our helicopter rescue people well funded!

Northern Rivers Food Relief

Buy a Bedsupport for Lismore Ballina Floods (this one very important as Housing is a crisis right now).

GIVIT –  managing offers of donated goods, services, volunteering and funds, including corporate offers, in response to the widespread flooding across Queensland and New South Wales.





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