Mullum Herbals

Mullum Herbals is an iconic institution which has been providing natural healthcare and over-the-counter herbal medicines for over 20 years.

The vibe

Can’t sleep? Joint pain? Feeling fluey?  Mullum Herbals is primarily a free over-the-counter advise service where clients present their health issues to a fully qualified naturopath who prescribes herbal and nutritional remedies.

Common maladies dealt with over-the-counter include, colds and flus, minor infections, wounds, aches and pains, mood and sleep issues. Where problems are too complex to deal with in this format we suggest a private, paid consultation with one of our naturopaths or referral to an appropriate health practitioner or facility.

The space

Mullum Herbals is a unique space located in the heart of town. Imagine shelves stacked with jars full of every sort of alternative and plant-based medicine, ready to support your family’s wellbeing. The shop has an extensive range of nutritional supplements including practitioner only products. Mullum Herbals also acts as a resource for local health practitioners including integrative GPs.

In 2020, a sister clinic, Brunswick Herbals, was opened in Brunswick Heads, offering the same services on a smaller scale.

What we love

Established over two decades ago, Mullum Herbals has a good reputation for its over-the-counter dispensary. We love that they specialise in herbal medicines and manufacture the vast majority of herbal tinctures which they dispense. They also manufacture a selection of herbal creams, oils and teas, and of course the legendary Mullum Herbals Easy Cleanse.

What’s not to love 

With multiple Naturopaths working between the two clinics, it may be challenging if you want to develop a relationship with one practitioner. With this in mind, if your issue is serious, we recommend you book the one-hour consultation for long-term health care.

Mullum Herbals
79 Stuart Street
Mullumbimby, NSW, 2482
+61 (0) 66843002