Editor’s Pick – Awe Experiences

Whether looking up at a star-studded sky or bathing in a soul-cleansing waterfall, wonder can transform how we perceive the world. According to The Global Wellness Institute (GWI), cultivating wonder and awe can be a powerful antidote to stress. Positive awe is said to sharpen our brains and motivate ecologically conscious behaviour as well as facilitate greater wellbeing satisfaction. Want more awe in your life? These are 5 inspiring recommendations…

Meditate in a Yurt at Temple Byron
Bliss out and chant to your heart’s content at the crystal-infused forest grounds at Temple Byron. Inside the colourful Yurt, experience meditation, yoga, astrology and other spiritual workshops. Temple Byron is also home to a larger yoga space where regular yoga, Byron Katie workshops and sound baths are held. There’s a healing dome for treatments and shamanic rituals. Temple Byron offers that quintessential Byron vibe that encourages one to relax and open up to awe and wonder.

Replenish at a waterfall (or hidden waterhole)
The Byron Shire is home to hidden water holes and waterfalls that will cleanse your being naturally (and it won’t cost a penny)! Minyon Falls is one of the best-known: pack a picnic lunch and take a leisurely walk through the rainforest to reach the gorgeous falls. There’s also the option of a more strenuous 3-4 hour hike there. Other wondrous sanctuaries to explore include Killen Falls, Protestor Falls and Hells Hole. Breathe in the good energy and connect with Mother Earth.

Surrender, dance and let go…
Byron has long been known as the epicentre for spiritual dance, and we are happy to say this tradition lives on. At the time of writing, there’s Tuesday night 8pm Ecstatic Dance in Byron Bay (byronbay.dance) as well as Friday night Ecstatic Dance in Mullumbimby (no shoes, no booze – just epic tunes and deep bass). The dance space in the Byron Shire is ever ‘moving’ so keep an eye out for posters about Tango (byrontango.com.au), 5 Rhythms, Salsa and Medicine Dance. You’ll find most of these advertised at local health food stores, Facebook and Eventbrite pages.

Expand your consciousness at Quantum Uplift
If you are looking for a natural ‘psychedelic-type’ experience that will deeply relax and expand your awareness, then consider the Quantum Field Light Therapy at Quantum Uplift. The Quantum Field Light Therapy is a wellness technology combining the wisdom of the ancients with the latest research in neuroscience and brainwave entrainment. You simply lie down and relax as the flickering lights activate your pineal gland and take you on a ‘wow’ journey elsewhere. Every experience is unique – be prepared to experience deep relaxation, inner journeying and even altered states of consciousness. quantumuplift.com

Elevate your being with Aura-Soma
If you are seeking a session that will take you deeper into parts of yourself and enhance your self-awareness and potential, then we highly recommend an Aura-Soma consultation. This ‘awe’ experience is hard to describe in words, but essentially involves a consultation where you journey through a mesmerizing range of coloured bottles infused with crystals, plants and aroma. Through your selection, your therapist will guide you into a place of self-realization and heightened consciousness.  Established over 30 years ago, Aura- Soma opened its first Australian flagship space in Bangalow in 2020 – this place is truly special.

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