Where to Infrared Sauna in and around Byron

Infrared Saunas are such an amazing (and affordable) way to detox and cleanse toxins in the body through the skin. Unlike traditional saunas, Infrared Saunas are a combination of near, mid and far infra-red light waves that penetrate deeply into the muscles, joints and tissues. Just some of the benefits of regular Infrared Saunas include more energy, reduced inflammation, improved metabolism, weight-loss and glowing skin.  These are our recommendations of where to try an Infrared Sauna around Byron Bay…

Nimbus Co, Byron Bay
We’re a little bit obsessed about Nimbus Co, a modern wellness brand situated inside a sleek industrial warehouse in Byron. They offer several state-of-the-art infrared saunas tailored to couples and singles. Why not pair your sauna session with Colon Hydrotherapy? Nimbus Co also house a healing space with Acupuncture, Massage, Myotherapy and Colon Hydrotherapy on the menu. Nimbus Co is a ‘must visit’ for your weekly self-care, detox and rejuvenation. Open seven days!

Quantum Uplift, Byron Bay
Located in the Byron Bay Arts and Industrial Estate, Quantum Uplift is a cellular rejuvenation and human optimisation wellness clinic. Alongside their high-performance wellness technologies is the Infrared Sauna for cell detox and regeneration. For a deeper detox, why not combine your Infrared Sauna with a Lymphatic Drainage Compression Therapy to boost circulation and flow. Everything at Quantum Uplift is geared to improve your serotonin levels, health and performance.

Eléme Day Spa, Byron Bay
Located within the tropical Crystalbrook Byron resort is the luxury Eléme Day Spa is one of the few spas in the Byron Shire featuring both steam and infrared sauna!  Their infrared sauna is part of the Zen Affair menu that is a collection of experiences tailored to purify and enhance your glow. We recommend you pair your sauna with one of the amazing Sodashi spa treatments (the ‘Curative Crystalus’ ritual is exceptional)! The spa is also open to outside guests.

Trybe Wellness House, Byron Bay
Another excellent sauna space is at Trybe Wellness House situated behind the Roadhouse in Byron Bay. This cool wellness brand is founded by sisters, Ruby and Saffron, who grew up in the area. Trybe Wellness houses the amazing Clearlight Saunas as well as a hydration bar, adaptogenic tea house and a well-curated ‘conscious’ retail collection including local skincare brand Imbibe. They also host regular community events and is a must-visit!

Bruns Gym, Brunswick Heads
Could this be one of the best kept wellness secrets in the area? We think so! Bruns Gym is an established fitness centre with not one, not two but three Infrared Saunas! Members have access to the Infrared Saunas as part of their membership. For non-members, you only need to pay $10 each. We recommend you add a half-hour sauna to your work-out – you’ll feel amazing.

Bodyhealz, Byron Bay
The newly opened recovery studio, Bodyhealz, houses the reputable ‘Sunlighten Sauna’ brand inclusive of the ‘2 mPulse ‘3 person saunas. The ethos of Bodyhealz is to ‘provide wellness therapies that support optimal health and wellbeing’. As well as the Infrared Sauna, they offer yoga and pilates and the unique ‘AirPod HYDROXY’ sessions – where oxygen is used to target and reduce stress, injury, fatigue, and modern lifestyle disease.

Body Mind Life, Byron Bay
Enhance your yoga and pilates session with a detoxifying Infrared Sauna, cleansing Himalayan Salt Room and rejuvenating hot and cold plunge pools! This state-of-the-art studio is fitted out with all the best in wellness including  Hepa 3 air filtration system for the best in air quality, Far Infrared Heating and is  powered with 100% sustainable solar energy with energy efficient LED lighting and rainwater harvesting system. Feel good inside and out.

Social Remedy, Byron Bay
This social-club gym situated in the Industrial Estate in Byron Bay features several spaces for wellness workouts including gyms, pilates, yoga, a female-only area – and the Recovery space! Experience the best of body-mind wellness and biohacking with Infrared Sauna Chamber, Ice Bath, Steam, Cryotherapy, Hyperbaric Chamber and Compression Therapy.

Install an Infrared Sauna at home…
Sauna advocates can now install an Infrared Sauna inside their own home. Clearlight Saunas are considered one of the best quality and low EMF Infrared Sauna brands in the world and their HQ is located right here in the Byron Shire! Discover their impressive range of solo, couples and larger saunas for home, spa and business. Their website offers the latest medical research and clinical studies about infrared saunas.

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