I finally tried an endota Spa and here’s what happened

Global Spa Expert and Author, Judy Chapman, visits the newly opened endota spa in Byron Bay.

Growing up in the Byron Shire in the 1970’s, I was introduced early on to the benefits of a holistic lifestyle. We lived in an eco-cabin in the rainforest with no electricity or TV. Most of our food was organic and family holidays were often trips to yoga ashrams. Since then the ‘rainbow region’ has continued to grow in reputation for it’s eclectic counter culture.

So when I unexpectedly found myself ‘grounded’ back in Byron Bay at the start of the 2020 pandemic, I was inspired to not only discover this area has still ‘got it’ when it comes to spirituality, transformation and healing but is also now home to some very savvy wellness brands.

Which brings me to endota Spa in Byron Bay. Founded by Melanie Gleeson in 2000, there are over 100 endota spas around the country with more opening Internationally.  The Byron Bay endota is the latest spa to open and houses seven treatment rooms including five single and two couples rooms and a generous retail and two relaxation areas.

I’ve booked in for the Electro-Mesotherapy Facial (EMF) for the very reason there’s nothing like this in the Bay. It’s said to be a high-performance facial that delivers stand-out visible results and who doesn’t want some of that!  If there’s one thing the last year has taught me is that self-care (the opposite of healthcare) is essential rather than a luxury.

Upon arrival, I’m instantly swept up in the tropical ambience of the spa. Interiors are light, fresh and breezy – reflecting the relaxed holiday vibe so perfectly. The design embraces Hacidenda Boho Coastal style with its neutral colour palette, soft textures, arched forms, tropical plants and rattan finishes. All the furnishings were sourced locally from Byron.

It soon becomes clear, however, that this is no ordinary cleanse, scrub and mask facial sequence. First-up, Spa Manager Kate introduced me to their prequel to all endota facials. It’s called a More Me Skin Scanner that, using different types of light, takes several photos that are able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and pick up concerns. It’s a sophisticated device that tracks sun damage, pigmentation, dehydration and even one’s biological ‘skin age’. In a nutshell, there’s nowhere to hide.  Seriously though, it’s an amazing way to get a snapshot of what’s really going on beneath your skin and address it accordingly.

Apparently, my skin is doing well for my age (yay)and aside from the ‘scary’ visuals of the dehydration patches around my eyes, I am in good shape. After this, Kate held up a device to take my reading of my skin’s hydration.  All excellent for my age was the consensus. Yay!

During the facial, Kate explains how Electro-Maesotherapy Facial works to renew the skin. Essentially, it uses non-invasive ionwave technology that powers endota’s potent serums into the deeper layers of the skin. Blood and oxygen in the skin are stimulated to promote skin shine and radiance. One of the skincare highlights in this treatment is endota’s powerhouse Peptide & Hyalauronic Serum’.

At 30-minutes, the EMF is exactly my type of facial. It’s short n’ sweet like my morning expresso.  My skin looks plumped, toned and hydrated so I’m feeling supercharged about that.  But I also know that with all fitness and wellness, one really needs to commit to regular sessions for lasting results.

The endota spa is very well designed operationally. As a spa consultant, I’m all over functional and flow and how to create a seamless guest arrival to departure experience. The amount of space dedicated to the lovely relaxation lounge is truly impressive. The designers have made great use of the empty space above the staircase by placing two elegant hanging chairs surrounded by tropical plants where guests can unwind.  I appreciated the separate entrance into the spa treatment rooms – you step through the lovely rattan doors, over the threshold, and enter a world of quietude and calm.

I also love that the spa treatment rooms are generously sized and dimly-lit with handmade wall tiles – gorgeous cocoons of serenity. Another touch that appealed to my ‘spa consulting hat’ was the pre-treatment where you can advise if you would like your therapist to talk during your treatment or you can also opt for sacred silence.

At the end of the facial, Kate leaves me alone for a few minutes to get changed, and returns with a selection of products she feels will benefit my skin. One of these is the ‘Instant Revival Power Mask’ and I have to say it’s one of the best skincare masks I’ve ever tried (a week later and my skin is drinking this one up – I leave it on my skin overnight and wake up with a super hydrated complexion – love!)

Another must-have skincare item that captures my eye is the ‘Blue Light Defence HydroCream’ that is part of endota’s New Age’ collection. This cream is activated with Lutein Caratoneoid, clinically proven to shield skin against the worrying effects of too much screen time known as ‘atmospheric pollution’ (oxidative stress and harmful radiation for example).

For now though, I’m exploring the new endota Retreat concept that’s also really well thought-out and put together. Essentially, for a small fee, you have access to the most amazing array of classes inclusive of yoga, sound healing and guided meditations. All this plus you get a collection of products at the start of each season to enhance your skin’s performance as you transition into the new season. Seriously, there’s no downside.

endota Spa is a modern brand with purpose. The staff are all extremely well-trained and know their product well (this isn’t always the case in spas), plus they’ve got that Byron Bay yoga glow down. The skincare collections are so on-point and address issues such as computer tension and stress caused by our modern ‘digital’ lifestyles – from muscle-melting magnesium mists, arnica scrubs and heat packs to alleviate tech-neck to beauty tools for sculpting the skin, plus super greens and protein mixes for enhancing inner beauty, they’ve got most things covered.

Other facial treatments I plan to try in the near future include the New Age Light Therapy’ (I’m a little bit obsessed about LED facials) and the ‘Hydro-Microdermabrasion’ that sounds good for clearing the skin’s surface for renewed skin and a luminous complexion.

endota Spa Byron Bay is located at 1/17 Lawson Street and is open seven days a week.

About Judy

JUDY CHAPMAN is the former Editor-in-Chief of Spa Asia magazine and author of 4 books on spas. She is a global wellness authority, entrepreneur and advocate, with twenty years multi-disciplinary experience setting trends and implementing thought leadership across the wellness sector. After two decades living and working abroad, Judy is the Co-Founder/Editor-in-Chief of OMByron.com.

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