HiFu Facials at Ozone Beauty & Medi Spa in Brunswick Heads

I’d heard about HiFu facials for years before trying it here in Australia.

My high-brow Hong Kong friends had often declared that HiFu facials were by far the best non-surgical face lift treatment on the market. HiFu facials are positioned as the world’s most advanced skin tightening and lifting technology that is safe and visibly removes wrinkles, tightens and lifts sagging skin and reduces body fat – and is 100% safe without the use of any toxins!  How tempting is that!

Depending on what area you wish to target, a HiFu treatment can take between 15-minutes to two hours (mine was the later as I did the full treatment). HiFu facials are fairly painless but since the technology delivers a heat dot under the skin, it did feel intense for around jawline for a few seconds. Additionally, HiFu is also recommended as a safer and less toxic alternative to Botox in that the technology smooths out fine lines without the use of needles – with lasting results. Essentially, HiFu delivers results within 3-6 months that should last for 1-2 years with good skincare support.

Ozone Beauty & Medi Spa is located in Brunswick Heads and is owned and operated by the one and only Kirsty Barnett (who I  discovered also grew up in the area and we went to the same school at myself). Kirsty is an avid researcher and knows a thing or two about results-oriented facials and skincare products for inner and outer beauty. Hyurolon serums, an antiageing beauty hyaluronic drink from Germany plus the Madonna-endorsed range of Intraceuticals skincare are just some of the products that line her retail shelves.

Her spa attracts many local and visiting celebrities. Matt Damon reportedly loves  Kirsty’s Intraceuticals Oxygen Facials and Kerry Armstrong is a HiFu regular here (you can listen to Kerry’s video link about her HiFu experience on Ozone website).

Kirsty is also in high demand for events and weddings – often visiting villas in the hinterland to deliver facials for groups.   All this, plus she offers a fantastic payment plan for HiFu. Seriously, there’s no downside (or downtime) – a win win!

Ozone Beauty & Medi Spa is located at Shop 3 32 Mullumbimbi Street in Brunswick Heads. www.ozonebeautyspa.com.au



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