SIIP Instant Hip Coffee Bar

SIIP is a sustainable coffee, health and fitness brand.

The Vibe
Located in the Byron Bay Arts & Industrial Estate, SIIP is a small bespoke coffee studio with style.

Meet locals Dylan Garft and Luke Zocchi who founded SIIP back in 2018. They felt passionate about developing a functional coffee beverage that was affordable yet ethical, flavoursome yet healthy, and most significantly solved the unsustainable problem of home pods (did you know there are reportedly three million coffee home pods discarded daily just in Australia)? Eeek!

The concept and packaging of SIIP products is outstanding. Their packaging is compostable, carbon-neutral and eco-friendly.

Journey through their collection which includes Coconut Coffee Double Shot, Coconut Chai Latte and Coconut Matcha Latte to name a few.

The Space
We love the design of this small, sleek and functional space (feels very Williamsburg)!

What we love
The beings behind this brand! Luke is a well-known fitness trainer and famous for getting Chris Hemsworth into shape for his role of Thor. He has a cook book under his belt and has helped thousands globally get inspired about living healthy.  Dylan has a creative background in design and marketing (which explains why their packaging is a stand-out). What a power duo!

What’s not to love
Hard-core coffee addicts will have to wean themselves off their morning ‘hit’.

SIIP Instant
2/1 Banksia Drive
Byron Bay, NSW, 2481