Quantum Uplift Wellness Centre

Located in the Arts & Industrial Estate of Byron Bay, Quantum Uplift offers some of the most advanced wellness technologies in the world.

The Vibe

Quantum caters to a wide spectrum of people including those experiencing chronic health issues, athletes and high-performers as well as those who simply want to live the best version of themselves. It offers the latest research and technology from around the world and is the next evolution in wellness, vitality and performance.

This is the place to try the much talked about Super Oxygen Saturation therapy (high and low altitude contrast training) that helps to drain inflammation and lactic acid from your body in minutes and pulse oxygen to your brain – leave with a laser-sharp mind and feeling full of energy.

Other treatments include the full body body Red Light Therapy that offers powerful anti-ageing, recovery and anti-inflammatory benefits.  The CellCharger is a next generation Tesla technology using a combination of voltage, frequency and photonic light energy to recharge your cells. Quantum Field Light Therapy combines ancient wisdom with the latest in neuroscience to create a brainwave entrainment device that will effortlessly guide you into an altered state of consciousness to help you connect with the Quantum Field. As well, Lymphatic Drainage Compression Therapy for detox and weight-loss and an Infrared Sauna for detox and rejuvenation.

The Space

Quantum Uplift offers a new approach to wellbeing. Inside feels spacious, zen and high-tech. Browse through a well-curated retail range of high-performance supplements and medicinal mushrooms – they’ve curated the best of the best for optimum health and wellbeing.

What we love

Make sure you take advantage of the 40-minute free introductory session on the CellCharger where you can select from dozens of programmes including Inflammation, Immunity, Sports Recovery and many more. It’s truly fantastic.

What’s not to love

Some may find Quantum Uplift a bit ‘out there’ but it has to be experienced to appreciate just how advanced and well-researched their wellness technologies are and how it feels to function at your optimum.

Quantum Uplift
18/1A Banksia Drive
Byron Bay, NSW, 2481
0475 771 181