Sustainable Beauty: Local brand Bluem launches a Hydrosoul Mist

This Just In: Local, sustainable beauty brand, Bluem has added an exquisite ‘Hydrosoul Cleansing and Toning Mist’ into their collection and we love it!

The Hydrosoul is a gentle yet powerful botanical cleansing and toning mist that captures the essence of nature’s healing touch. It’s a blissful balance of seasonally harvested active eucalyptus radiata, freshly distilled into a Hydrosol that aims to cleanse, tone and heal by harnessing ionic properties to draw out impurities without affecting your skin’s natural oils.

Founder of Bluem is Montana Lower who birthed the brand during her pregnancy journey when she sought out skincare that aligned with her values and activist spirit.

Description: Formulated by herbalists, the Hydrosoul harnesses the power of organic Eucalyptus radiata cultivated on a bio-dynamic farm in regional Victoria, Australia. Through the delicate steam distillation process, the plant is transformed into a fragrant and active elixir, encapsulating the rejuvenating essence of Eucalyptus Radiata and its antifungal healing qualities.

How it works: This active mist can serve as both a toner and gentle cleanser, offering natural toning benefits thanks to the gentle astringent properties of the Hydrosoul. It works to tighten and tone your skin, promoting a healthy, balanced complexion. The active botanicals in the water vapour carry minuscule, charged particles that aim to penetrate deep into your pores, drawing out impurities and cleansing the skin and leaving you feeling refreshed and balanced.

Where to buy: You can find this (and the other gorgeous Bluem products including the Finger Lime Repair Serum and Kakadu Plum Repair Serum) at Ritual Mullum as well as online.

Discover more about the skin benefits of Hydrosouls here  –

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