The White Raven

One of the most unique clothing brands in the region – each piece dedicated to honour the softness, strength and integrity of Woman – only available online!

The Vibe

White Raven is the place you go for that one-off exotic flowing skirt, hand-woven poncho, enchanting silk dress, sensual vegan silk slip and gorgeous natural wrap. Owner and designer is Mafalda Froes whose passion for her creations was inspired by her travels after she completed a BA in fine arts in London.

The stunning collection comprises of limited-edition, hand-crafted artisan pieces that marry ancient textile arts with modern design. The ethos of The White Raven is romance inspired by generations of culture, art and knowledge passed along lineages and shared throughout time, from one hand to another, coupled with the mystery of creating tomorrow’s designs.

Every item is a piece of art. They are created using hand loom-woven raw silks, delicate cottons featuring block-prints and hand-embellished details, cast in predominately natural dyes and set with ancient dying techniques.

The Space

Enter a world of swirling ethnic prints, silk and timeless beauty. The White Raven is aesthetic in its reverence to beauty with an ethical backbone. Before their flagship store in Mullumbimby, they were part of local artists collectives. It’s one of our favourite stores to browse and celebrate the beauty of femininity.

What we love

The unique story behind the white raven. Mafalda says her inspiration for fabrics came through as colours in a canvas that she describes as ‘a complete magic intuitive journey that lead me where I’m at now.’

In her words:  ‘Devotion to this method is a process that can take up to 6 months to complete and creates unique variations in each garment. Leaving a signature of irregularity and life’s beautiful imperfections in each piece.’

What’s not to love

The prices are high but so are the uniqueness, standard and quality of each piece. In our opinion, these are timeless investments and if you can take care of them, they will soar forever.

The White Raven