INDIE Holistic Beauty

When you are looking for five-star luxury spa treatment in a more personal and private setting then we highly recommend INDIE Holistic Beauty.

The Vibe

Meet French-born Léa Le Bidan, a Holistic Esthetician and Energy Healer. Lea has over 13 years experience and has studied with facial masters around the world and is incredibly talented in her craft. Her treatment menu is small and boutique. Just some of the offerings include the ‘Indie Signature Facial’ using Gua Sha and cupping. ‘Dien Chan Zone’ also known as Vietnamese Facial Reflexology comprising of maps to maintain wellness via facial stimulation. As well, ‘Gua Sha Glow’ and ‘LED Light Therapy’. Lea also offers Reiki and Massage.

The Space

INDIE Holistic Beauty is located at The Kollective, a creative hub where you’ll find many young innovative start-ups.  Inside her bespoke space, the treatment room feels like a cocoon of tranquility. Lea has also curated a small retail apothecary that offers the best of the best including Eminence Organics, Josh Rosebrook as well as amazing smudge sticks and incense by local brand Shemana. Seriously, this girl has immense style!

What we love

What sets Lea’s facials apart is that she infuses energy healing into each experience. Lea begins her facials with a grounding ritual. We loved her amazing sculpting facial massage (which can be up to around 45-minutes during her signature facial). Expect to emerge feeling and looking transformed.

What’s not to love

Like all high-quality treatments in the area, INDIE is not cheap – but save your pennies as a monthly facial with Lea will do wonders for your soul, spirit and skin!

Indie Holistic Beauty
The Kollective
11/18 Sunrise Blvd
Byron Bay, NSW, 2481
+61 (00 403 685875